Sunday, October 3, 2010

T-minus 4 days til NYCC

First, a little mood music:

Soooooooooo..... New York Comic Con is THIS FRIDAY! Holy crap. This is the big one. Mentally preparing myself this week for 'being on' a full 3 days. Haven't worked a 3 day con in looong time. The costumes will help. Not that I don't love working comic book conventions, I fucking LOVE THEM butttt it can just get a bit exhausting on soooo many levels.

I've got my con outfits all picked out- doing a blonde Barbie/Betty Draper look on Friday. The much-hyped dual showgirl action of me and my best friend Fenny will happen on Saturday and my pinup girl Wonder Woman will be worn on Sunday. I'm kinda stupidly excited about busting out my blonde wig on Friday. I love how it fucks with people.

Fenny's been busting her ass on our showgirl costumes. In case you missed it- the plan is for us to dress up as red and blue showgirls with cigarette trays full of promotional material, namely postcards and buttons. This being a fun way to combine Fenny and I's checkered cosplay past into something productive and a little more respectable, as we'll be working while wearing ridiculous outfits. Plus they're entirely of our own creation.

I'll be wearing a red outfit and Fenny the blue.

Fenny got to work on the costume portion of the outfits, including customization of some excellent quality steel-boned corsets we bought online from with satin and sequins and our awesome starry bras.

While Fenny was constructing the costume portion, my job was to build the cigarette trays we'll be handing out cards from and work a deal with my friend and burlesque performer Kita St. Cyr of the Rhinestone Follies of an art trade for feather headdresses and bustles. In return for her craftsmanship I am doing a portrait of her burlesque troupe. Also can I say how much I looove being able to work out a barter of art for stuff? It's frigging awesome.

The cigarette trays I constructed from wooden 'breakfast in bed' trays that I bought at a craft store. Spray painted them black and added two boxes that will hold the postcards that are glue gunned to the bottom of the tray. I also added some black foamcore board to the edges to increase the depth of the tray. I still need to pick up some thick black ribbon for it to hang around our neck. Tested out how the trays look 'fully loaded' as well- postcards and buttons for the kiddies! Postcards will be handed out indiscriminately, buttons will be given to folks who actually come up and talk to us about Girls Drawin Girls. (While supplies last...)

We've got PLENTY of postcards for both Girls Drawin Girls and my own Paigey! cards that we'll be giving out.

I've also started to promo-bomb on subways and ATMs and bars and comic shops around NYC to get a little local interest going.

I'm hoping everything goes off without a hitch. Just thinking of next weekend is making me tired, but it's an awesome, exhilarating tired that I could never do without.

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  1. Haha, that music piece really goes well with the images, as one scrolls down your page. Well done.


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