Monday, December 14, 2009

Drink and Draw Social Club NYC: November Edition

So I've been hitting up the New York chapter of Drink and Draw, put on by the uber talented mofo and swell guy Khary Randolph which meets up on a Weds night every month at a local bar in the city and fills up with about 40-some odd artists who like to, well... drink and draw. There's also socializing, networking, sketchbook browsing and handshaking involved as well. Since I'll be hitting these up on the regular I figured I'd share a few shots from this past November session at Local 269 about 3 weeks ago. Being a huge fan of the legendary LA chapter that started it all, I'm super excited to be part of such an awesome community of artists. This is the sorta shit I could only dream about doing before I moved to NYC, truly amazing.

Friends in my pics:
Phil Balsman
Kevin Mellon
Ben Dale
Jemal McClary
Alberto Ruiz
Kyle Baker

The December session is going to be this Weds December 16th at Local 269 in the Lower East Side if you're in the area, it goes from 6:30 to 10:30, but the space is small so I suggest getting there a little early.

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